Max Krav Maga

About Max Krav Maga is the official online training program of Krav Maga Global (KMG)
– The world’s leading provider of Krav Maga training and Education. KMG was founded by Eyal Yanilov who also serves as the organizations Head Instructor. Widely regarded as the most sought after Krav Maga authority in the world today Eyal has dedicated his life to spreading his unparalleled knowledge across the globe through training camps and seminars.

In 2010 Eyal in order to provide an online “home” for Krav Maga enthusiasts from all over the world. Here, they would be able to enhance their Krav Maga skills through online streaming video tutorials instructed by Eyal Yanilov himself.

Since then, grew to a vast international community with members from all over the world. From absolute beginners, to experts, to instructors, to students, we have members from all across the Krav Maga spectrum. Some of our members train Krav Maga everyday at a gym close to home and use our online training program as a learning tool to keep techniques fresh in their head and a training source for them to use when they are away from the gym. Some of our members don’t have a Krav Maga school in their area and use our online training program as the only source of Krav Maga instruction they have. whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned veteran, if you are interested in Krav Maga, self defense, and martial arts- you’ve certainly found the right place. We guarantee you will greatly enhance your skill set by accessing the wealth of information we offer through our online training program.

Krav Maga Curriculum

The curriculum used for our online training program is the official curriculum of KMG. You can be sure that it is the most professional Krav Maga curriculum you can possibly get your hands on. Constructed by Eyal himself and used the world over by KMG schools and affiliates everywhere. You’ll know exactly how to get started, what videos to watch and in what order, how to advance and how to progress. You’ll have the official training syllabus rite there in front of you for clear, methodical training.

Krav Maga Videos

We proudly boast the largest library of Krav Maga Instructional videos by Eyal Yanilov…anywhere! By becoming a member you instantly get access to hundreds of instructional video tutorials instructed by Eyal himself – organized by proficiency level or subject matter and accompanied by an onscreen training syllabus for a clear, precise and methodical training experience. In addition to the videos, we periodically hold exclusive seminars which are streamed live globally to our member base. All instructional videos in our program are cross-platform mobile compatible, so whether you’ve got an iPhone, iPad, Android or any other mobile device, you’ll be able to take your training on the go!

Krav Maga Community

In addition to the unparalleled learning material and systematic training programs. What we are most proud of is the community that was built around

When you sign up to one of our membership programs you don’t only gain access to the instructional videos, you gain access to the entire community. You’ll be able to watch the videos and discuss the techniques with the rest of the community via our Technique Discussion feature accompanied to each individual instructional training video – ask questions, give advice and tips, better yourself and the community. This is a much more efficient and influential learning experience than watching a video on your own. You will also be granted access to all of our discussion forums which deal with a wide variety of issues ranging from combining Krav Maga with other martial arts to real life experiences from people who have used Krav Maga in the real wold, to analyzing footage of real life altercations caught on camera, to forums dedicated to police officers and law enforcement to many more…We have also created forums for all the various international KMG communities. KMG – UK, KMG – USA, KMG – Poland, KMG – Netherlands – KMG – Czech Republic, KMG – Russia, and many, many more, speak in your own language to your fellow KMG family.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… so instead of us having to write more…and you having to read more…check out our Instagram feed to see who we are..and what we do…in pictures!

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